I Dream of Singing

I started voice coaching recently. I call it “coaching” as opposed to voice “lessons” because I think they’re less traditional – it’s not classical style and hopefully will help me make the most of what I have. Should be a good time, right?

Last week at my first lesson, I didn’t actually sing. My coach talked about the voice and how it works. And I stared at the posters on his wall of places he’s been, accomplishments, etc..  He told me to come next week prepared with a few songs I’d like to sing; I get to pick them myself!

So on my way back to work that day I listened to music in my car, thinking of what I’d like to sing. And I imagined myself with the strongest version of my voice. A killer, powerful voice. Oh man…   I got so excited, envisioning just how wonderful it could be. Maybe, just maybe??


I remember a time in high school when I knew, deep down inside me I just knew, that I wasn’t going to be on broadway. I was barely even a singer then. And I don’t know why I thought I could be, but I knew I wouldn’t be. It wasn’t the fact that I wasn’t “good enough” (although I wasn’t). Somehow I just knew. 

So what of the dream? It’s a fire in my bones; it makes me smile, gets my heart racing, and literally would get me out of bed in the morning! So, what about the dream? Honestly, I have NO idea what steps lie in front of me.  But there is always the dream. And maybe the dream is more about “what” than “where.” And you better believe I’ll be doing the what, no matter where I am.

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