When did I…

….go from hating all things ‘cooked tomato’ to choosing tomato soup for lunch?

I think it’s somehow correlated with paying bills and realizing my body requires exercise to stay in shape.

Read: Adulthood.

5 thoughts on “When did I…

  1. I just noticed the teeniest, tiniest smiley face on the right side of your blog! So cute!

    I love reading your blog. I really do. I check it pretty frequently and either laugh my head off or end up thinking deeply about something inspired by you. I can’t wait til your next one!

  2. If I am going to have a bathing suit body by February…I’m going to have to only eat tomatoes until then. : )

  3. Does it disturb you AT ALL that I was commenting on your blog and you were commenting on mine…at the exact same time? And I’m pretty sure we are both at work.

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