It’s a blog day

Sometimes it’s a lot easier to trust in tangible things than to trust in God. It’s a lot easier to trust

a contract

a person


God is intangible. I can’t see him or feel him and often don’t even hear him. Maybe I’m not


Last week in church the message was about Joy, and about the reality that we are on this earth for a purpose. That purpose is to glorify God. But instead of spending my life understanding how I can best do that, I spend it

worrying about money

wondering how my dreams will be fulfilled

anxious and impatient.

I have said this before and the truth does not change. True joy is not found there. I have experienced that first hand, over and over again.

I read somewhere recently, I don’t remember if it was a blog or an article or a book, but I read that when we make mistakes we don’t have to start again at zero. Yes, we go back and we do it again – hopefully different this time. But each experience, each failure, and each lesson builds a foundation that doesn’t have to be built again.

That’s an encouragement. It’s an encouragement in the face of disappointment. It’s an encouragement that helps me turn my back on disappointment, and it helps me move forward on the road ahead: an undefined, limitless, and terribly frightening road. And this is where the need for trust comes in. Trust in





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