The Genius of Blog Traffic

Apparently this blog is a secret site dedicated to the gilmore girls. I know this because all of my blog traffic recently indicates so. In the last few weeks (months? I kind of stopped paying attention for a while there..) I started seeing increased traffic to my blog. And this is strange because I haven’t really been blogging. And since WORDPRESS is kind enough to show me what search terms people use to help me find my blog, I know that “gilmore girls” is the most highly used search term to find my blog.

That, and “cheese poem.”

In light of this new revelation I googled ‘gilmore girls’ myself, and you know what I didn’t find? MY BLOG. So what does it all mean? Who are these people that are so intent on finding gilmore girls information that they search through endless pages of non gilmore info and eventually land on my blog, which (by the way) is not a great gilmore resource. Yes, I love it – but it’s not like I blog about it that much.

In any case, I’ve got a clear demographic now. If I just start targeting all of my blogs to any and everybody who might be googling the gilmores, I’ll have readers hooked for life. And then I’ll become the most popular blogger in the world and when they can’t get enough of what I have to say they’ll ask me to come share the songs I’ve written and then when I’m a famous musician they’ll ask me to be on Broadway just for fun and that’s when all of my dreams will come true.

I knew this blog would be good for something someday…

4 thoughts on “The Genius of Blog Traffic

  1. This is your best blog post ever. I love that you are a Gilmore Girls secret site. So appropriate with your Roryesque tendencies. I wish I was a secret blog site for something. I’m going to have to work on that.

    Hope your vacay is rad. Peace out.

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