I’m So Un-New

What’s the phrase? Imitation is sincerest form of flattery? Well if that’s the case, then I’m flatterizing all over the place. After all, there’s nothing new under the sun, right?

I became acutely aware of this fact when I started songwriting. Not only because it often seems like everything I write centers around the same theme, but also because I’d get an idea for a song in my head and then 2 days later would hear my idea on the radio, in varied form.

And fashion. I mean, really? Some of the ugliest things have become the swiftest fads – like skinny jeans. Last I checked skinny jeans are still not (universally) cool in Anchorage. But everyone, I mean everyone wears skinny jeans in New York. Tucked into their boots.
This doesn’t just happen because people all happen to start liking the same thing at the same time. It’s because they start imitating their own private perception of cool, and pretty soon everybody’s imitating everybody.

Also, blogging. and career choices. and the desire to start cooking. and EVERYTHING. Everything I want to be or have or do is because I’ve seen it somewhere else. Am I wrong? Am I crazy? Is this just me? I’m pretty sure I don’t have one original desire or thought.

The beauty of this revelation is that anything significant I contribute in this world CANNOT come from me. It has to come from someone bigger than this world and its repetition. And it’s a freeing thought. It’s liberating. It’s like I just got a piece of cake for my birthday.

And if you aren’t exactly sure why I feel that way, just ask.

2 thoughts on “I’m So Un-New

  1. flatterizing, maybe, but I think it is in our nature, globally

    fads, trends, revolutions, evolutions…

    We are all part of the social network fabric/web that makes up our world & the more we are linked, esp now, the easier & faster it is to influence & be influenced.
    We are all unique…it’s the combinations & perumutations of all that flatterizing!

    did i get it?

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