Some Things: A List

  1. I’m obsessed with Captain Crunch lately. I eat it morning and night. It’s like crack cocaine. Secretly, when I’m getting ready to eat dinner out with friends, I’m getting a little bit excited for my night time bowl with the cap’n. 
  2. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which (if my doctor is right) means that as soon as the tiny little pills kick in I’ll be happier, friendlier, skinnier, more energetic, and less forgetful. Sounds like a miracle drug to me.
  3. This morning I woke up to the text, “Bethany is playing  a song right now on stage! She’s closing service.”  (Which was, of course, a reference to B. Dillon and how her husband is one of the Shane’s and how they now lead worship part time at the church I used to go to in TX and that now I have friends who know her and maybe someday in the not too distant future I’m going to go there and get to meet her too.) And honestly it made me a little anxious in my gut. 
  4. Tonight I was hanging out with Kim and my nieces, and when I got tired I said, “I’m going home. I’m tired.”  Which is weird only because I used to live there and I don’t anymore; I moved out last weekend. And it is really nice to have my own space. It’s oh so very nice to go back and have my nieces so excited to see me! But I miss them too….   So it’s  a bitter sweet niceness.


And, well….   4 seems like a good number today.

3 thoughts on “Some Things: A List

  1. you REALLY make me smile. and giggle a little I love your honesty. and, I’m happy the docs are giving you little white pills?!! who knew??? you should be in Colorado with me next week.

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