The Calendar is a Liar

You know, I’m so glad yesterday was the first day of Spring. What, with the snow today and the icy parking lots and it feeling like 10 degrees outside… Yeah, Spring is such a nice change of pace from Winter.

I mean, if this keeps up, we may as well just do away with the 4 seasons and pare it down to 1: Sumautering. (That’s SUMmer, AUTumn, winTER, sprING for you lay people out there.) No need for seasonal semantics when the weather stays the same all year: BLEAK.

Our literal bright spot? The daylight. Seriously. This was not a geographical necessity, people. This was God looking down and having pity on the barren wasteland that is Alaska weather.

Do I live in California yet??*

*Thus ends my cynicism for Saturday, March 21st.

3 thoughts on “The Calendar is a Liar

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