My Morning, Categorically

TYPICAL: Wake up late.

ATYPICAL: Check status of volcanic ash emissions before heading to work, in case the city unexpectedly shut down while I was sleeping.

  1. Opt out of a jacket in favor of puffy vest and scarf even though it’s only 30 degrees, because it’s Spring.
  2. Forget to be surprised at the inches of fresh snow when I go outside, because it’s not like it’s Summer yet.
  3. Drink a caramel frappuccino anyway, because it’s Spring.

3 thoughts on “My Morning, Categorically

  1. Didn’t you actually mean to say that you checked on the status of the ash emissions in hopes that the city had shut down so you wouldn’t have to go to work??? I thought so.

    Also, thanks for the extra hot vanilla steamer, because you’re right… it’s not like it’s summer yet. :)

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