An Embarrassing Realization

My sister in law has a pair of shoes I really like. They’re spring-y and cute, and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. I brought them with me on my vacations to California and Texas. They’re my new summer go-to flats. They’re like, hot pink.

I also was using a new purse while in Texas. A hand me down from a friend of mine, it was the only purse I brought with me. It’s a very cute clutch purse. It’s also, like, hot pink.

But here’s a piece of advice about accessorizing: beware of the careless throw together items. Just because things look like they would go well together doesn’t mean you can just stop paying attention.

One day in Texas I got dressed, donned my SIL’s shoes for a trip to the mall, and realized mid-morning that THIS had actually happened:


I’ve seen “The Hills.” I know “matchy matchy” when I see it. And this was an unintentional fashion faux pas, people.

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