Purposeful Direction

Well, it’s time to get back to business. I’ve been blogging sporadically in the last few months – but have I really said anything in the meantime? I may not have many readers, but I think it’s time I started putting this blog to good use.

I’m a musician, right? At least I’d like to think of myself as one. And I’m going to put a little more stock in doing the thing I love. I want to play some more shows. I want to write more songs (can you believe it’s been like, a year since I wrote my last one??). I want to learn how to make the most of what I’ve got. I want to tell you that I’m going to have an ALBUM RELEASED AT THE END OF SUMMER!!

So what does that have to do with this blog? I’m gonna make it work for me. I want to chronicle my experiences and the things I’m learning about music. I want share the things that God is doing in my heart because inevitably it’s going to affect what I write. You don’t become a musician just to keep it to yourself, do you? Music is intended to be shared, and this blog is another way I can do that.

Essentially, things probably won’t change too much too soon. But over time, maybe this blog will grow with me and my music. And when that happens, I’ll not only be writing about Alaskan weather, fashion blunders, humorous anecdotes, and the random annoyances of life. I’ll also be writing about all things “Marijke.” Remember that name, people. Write it down. And buy my cd in September. :)

2 thoughts on “Purposeful Direction

  1. I’m looking forward to it! I’m all about more regular blogging. I kind of go in spurts, but I try to at least post once a week even though sometimes I don’t feel like it. But then sometimes I feel like I have tons to say so I go on and on and on with post after post.

    Here’s to the new MJ bloggin’ era!


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