Nobody Reads Blogs on the Weekend

Firstly, I am tired. I am just so very tired. Just thinking about all the things I would like to do and need to do in order to accomplish the things in the “like to do” category – it makes me tired.

Secondly, I was playing guitar at church tonight, and my hands were hurting. Hurting quite a bit, actually. And they started tingling, and I started to feel pretty unsettled about it. See, I have had issues with hand pain for years; off and on for about 6 years or more. I think it’s caused by 40 hours at a desk job? But whatever the cause, it’s frustrating, regardless.

It’s frustrating to endure pain while doing something that you love very much. It’s frustrating to have fear that the very thing you are designed to love you are NOT designed to do long term.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be that tragic. Maybe it’s just pain. But it’s frustrating.

And lastly, I want to learn what it means to be brave. I’m not brave. But I want to act bravely. I don’t think that being brave is the same thing as being wreckless; quite the opposite actually. And yet being fearful and acting anyway? That is something I’m not always sure I can do. But I want to be brave.

One thought on “Nobody Reads Blogs on the Weekend

  1. Ha! Proven wrong! I totally read blogs on the weekend. :) I hope your wrists feel better soon. Hang in there…

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