A Surprising Spring

It was a long winter.

So long, in fact, the last year has kind of felt like two. (seriously, I keep forgetting that my friend’s baby is only 1 – or that another friend and I only met last year.. it actually confuses me.) And I don’t know if you remember this, but I haven’t had high hopes for Alaska’s weather. But you know what, guys? I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

A few weeks ago I swear it was in the 70s. And that isn’t nothing, people. We’ve had so much sunshine I’ve even welcomed the day or two of rain we’ve seen. I even find myself kind of craving a dreary rain day. And I’m being reminded again and again of just how beautiful it is here in Alaska.

It smells like summer again, so fresh and clean; it reminds me of my first year living here. The mountains have nearly lost their snow, the trees have gained their green, and the blue sky shines brightly in contrast to each of them. Being here at times like this literally brings me close to tears.

No wonder people move up here and never want to leave.

There is almost nothing like it, at least nothing that I’ve seen.

It may not be shorts and tank top weather every weekend, but it’s a wonderful place to live. And hey, how many times have you experienced sunshine warm enough for t-shirts and flip flops while ice fishing? I mean, I wasn’t fishing…

I don’t “fish.”

But I could have…

Oh, and did I mention this lake is the same place where we stood bundled only 6 weeks prior?

If you’d have told me then that I wouldn’t be miserable forever, I wouldn’t have believed you. And I think that’s a surprise any one of us would be grateful for.

4 thoughts on “A Surprising Spring

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