Mood Fail

Today as I was leaving work a construction guy outside my building said to me (in a pretty hefty southern drawl), “Have ah ever told ya you look lahke Reese Witherspewn?” To which I replied, “No! But thank you!”

I thought the whole thing was kind of funny because:

  1. He said “I” as in “Have I…” and I’m thinking “Wha? When would you have? We’ve never met before.” And, 
  2. My response was actually a lie, if when he said “I” he actually meant “anybody,” because just last week my friend Kate commented on this photo that I look like Reese. 

Crazy, right? I mean, that’s a pretty big compliment – and the first time I hear it is twice in one week?? NICE. So I walked away feeling kind of happy.  


And then I almost hit a person on a bike with my car.
On the way to the police station to pay for a traffic ticket.


B U Z Z.

K I L L.

2 thoughts on “Mood Fail

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