Letter to the Editor

Dear Christian Radio Station,


There is more to Christian music than Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, Third Day, and whatever pop hit/easy listening single happens to be popular at the moment.

There is no good reason on the face of this earth that I should hear the same song playing on the radio when I get in my car as when I got out of my car 4 hours earlier, let alone a song that is entirely too annoying to still be getting radio play.

That being said, Testify to Love was popular over ten years ago. LET IT DIE.

In anticipation of hearing the depth of music that is out there, 


8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. I can think of a few other things that Christian radio should let die. Sweet rant MJ. You know I love a good rant about the media. It’s like my blog bread and butter.

  2. I could say this about a lot of stations but the Christian stations have gotten so bad.

    Thanks for letting Annie introduce you to us. I can tell I’m going to enjoy your blog.

  3. WOW. I just happened upon you from AnnieBlogs and I couldn’t agree with you more. Being “safe for the whole family” (my local station’s claim) does NOT mean you have to bore the whole family to death!!

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