This Can’t Be Real Food

Okay. I made this dessert tonight..  nothing fancy, I just had a sweet tooth so I dug it out of the pantry:


(Except in real life the writing isn’t backwards... ha)

When I opened the box it was basically just brownie mix.

So then HOW, after adding water and microwaving it for only 30 seconds did it turn into this?



That’s cake! Or a brownie or something..  It was good!

But it can’t be real food, right?? It totally cannot.

I’m kind of freakin’ out over here a little bit.

3 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Real Food

  1. okay so this post reminds me of you–every ounce of you talks how this post is written. its glorious. also it reminds me how much i miss you. come touring in new york. kthanksbye.

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