We’re Practically One Person

This morning I woke up clueless, or at the very least forgetful. But I was reminded in due time that today is a very special day. It is none other than the birthday of one Miss Sally. Right after she told reminded me that it was her birthday I said, “Sal, you have got to talk about your birthday more often so that people know it’s coming.” Humility gets you nowhere…

So, even though I wasn’t mega-prepared, we still had a pretty great time celebrating. And I’d just like to say a couple of things about Sally, seeing as it’s her special day and, well, somebody ought to.

First, she is wickedly funny.

Second, she thinks I’m funny, which is awesome.

Third, she gets razzed and jazzed about a lot of things, which means she is totally cool with me getting razzed and jazzed about things. For instance, when stuff is annoying – we talk about it. When stuff is awesome – we talk about it. It’s a very good system, really.

Fourth, she is kind of like the sister/friend I never had. Reason being? We have a multi-faceted relationship, fueled primarily by the fact that we spend approximately 35 hours a week not 20 feet from each other. That’s a lot of face time, people. So we’re like frenemies, coworkers, supervisor/subordinate all rolled into one – and we make it work. In fact, we make it AWESOME. Kudos to you Sal, for being a deep and genuine person. 

Fifth, but not least, she is constantly clueing me in to great tv, movies, music, technology, etc. She introduced me to The Office, and convinced me I should start watching How I Met Your Mother. She reawakened my love for the Gilmores and persuaded me that the iPod touch was absolutely essential. What more could you ask for in a friend?

I could go on, about the pancake frap and the fact that she’s the person who inspired me to start a real life blog…. There’s so much to say about the last two years.

It will be totally weird never seeing you again when we both quit our jobs and move out of state in the coming weeks. ;)

At Work

2 thoughts on “We’re Practically One Person

  1. A B-day post! That’s like the highest honor in all of blogdom. :) Oh and don’t forget movie Fridays, discussions about Harry Potter and the merits and or lackings of the Twilight saga, IMing rants, and being so awesome at work that we get whatever we want because we’re nothing if not annoyingly persistent until we get it. :)

    Thank you for your kind words. You’re right, we have a truly unique relationship not many have had the privilege of experienceing… But regardless of the many facets of our relationship, I am glad to call you my friend.

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