I wanted to blog yesterday, I really did. But I made this new rule for myself to go to bed by 11 pm. And then I was busy most of the evening, and my roommate was on the internet, and you see, we don’t have wireless….  So basically, it was like, an impossibility.

But I guess this means it’s about a good a time as any to let you in on the 365.

The 365 is a challenge I made to write every day. I know, big shocker, right?  A few weeks ago I was inspired by a friend of mine who is making a daily log of photographs as a reflection of her year, and it made me want to do something similar. Of course I’m not a photographer, I’m barely even a writer…  But I am excited at the prospect of chronicling my experiences in the days ahead.

So for me, this project is kind of two-fold:

1. First, I want to write for me. I want to document the experiences of this coming year – the ups, the downs, the hardships, the victories. I challenge myself to write about it and not just let days pass by me in a blur. I’ll try to write something every day. Maybe not a lot. Maybe nothing relevant. Maybe just a picture. But it’s something. Inspired by the day, the moment, my emotion, my experience. Maybe that doesn’t make for a very interesting blog, but it makes for something I want to have: a documented journey.

2. Second, if you want to read it, I want to write for you.  I hope this next year holds some exciting days and I want you to be a part of it. And if this next year just holds regular days, then I guess you’ll be a part of that too. Ha.


So, that said, I wanted to write last night, I really did. And obviously, writing every single day for an entire year is a lofty goal. I don’t imagine I’ll really be able to meet it to perfection, especially during that week when I’m stuck in my car for a ridiculous number of hours driving south from Anchorage.

Maybe by the end it will wind up being the 347. Who knows? In any case, I’ll be here. 

Just don’t shoot me if I quit half way through.

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