My New Fave

Okay, so there’s no Gilmore Girls. There’s no How I Met Your Mother or The Hills. And there’s definitely no Tuesday Night Movie Night. But don’t think I’m without terrible TV.*

Now, we have Make It Or Break It


It’s the perfect combination of terrible television and my favorite sport (did you know I was a gymnast in high school?). Not only that, it’s on ABC Family, which might possibly be the channel for worst best television of all time. Have you guys ever heard of Secret Life?? 

It only takes one episode to see major drama, majorly bad acting, and major awesomeness. They’re not even good at acting like gymnasts. But I love it.

Even now, I am watching the season finale as I write this. 

And now that I’m seeing it, I’m pretty sure nothing has happened, and the only thing I can tell you is that apparently, braids are ALL THE RAGE this season. Because everybody’s sporting them.

*sidebar: GG was never terrible. But it was a fave…

2 thoughts on “My New Fave

  1. Yeah, this promises to be Kyle XY epic. I mean, except for the belly buttons. Bad acting, too much drama, shiny leotards? GENIUS. I can’t wait to netflix this disaster.

    P.S. I’m still so mad I can’t sleep. these 9 days are going to suck.

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