Could You Just Be Normal For Once?

I’m not a fan of small talk, I’m really not. So when I go to Starbucks and they start asking me if I have big plans for the day, or how my “Monday” is going, I just want to look at them and say, “Really? You’re asking me that right now?”

I just don’t like canned conversation.

So this guy, every time I go there (and I’ve overheard him do the same with other customers), when I place my order in the drive thru he says, “Okay. That will be ready tomorrow at 3 pm. But stop at the window and say hi to me.”

“Really? You just said that? Come on…”

But today, not only did he say THAT, when he handed me my drink (a gloriously frosty caramel beverage) he also said THIS:

“You can hardly even tell there’s chicken in it.”


I mean. COME. ON.

3 thoughts on “Could You Just Be Normal For Once?

  1. Oh come on, that guy is staving off the petrification of his brain anyway he can. I say if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I’m for the snappy reply… out wit him. Next time taste it and tell him that it tastes like it’s contaminated with iocane powder. Gah!

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