Seasons Change

Lately I’ve been noticing the darkness of our August evening sky. And while I was on campus today I was surprised to see fallen yellow leaves on the ground. There’s an undeniable autumn chill to the air in the mornings… I guess it’s true that nothing lasts forever. 

And I’m sorry Texas, but I am not excited about what your geography and climate have to offer. 


Things don’t ever just stay the same, you know? And probably, we don’t really want them to. 


But when summer has been so good, it’s hard to say goodbye.
Metphorically and otherwise…

One thought on “Seasons Change

  1. Sometimes you just hit the nail on the head. I am so, so tracking with you on this one. I think it just hit me tonight… we only have a week left of working together. One week. That’s really weird.

    It’s like I just realized that I quit my job am leaving my AK fam and am MOVING TO CONNECTICUT. What!?

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