State Fair

I’m sitting at home, getting ready to watch a movie with my roommates after a good, but tiring day at the fair. I’ve kind of got a sentimental feeling about me, as this was the second to last time I will play with these guys before moving. Kind of a hard reality to face. And yet, even though it’s the closing of a chapter, it’s not like it’s a final goodbye. It’s just the turning of a page. It will be interesting to see where life takes us each in the next few years.

The best part about playing at the state fair? Getting to be AT the state fair. I love that place, man. And in Alaska it’s even better. I mean, at first it doesn’t SEEM better, being it’s probably the size of most county fairs. But it’s got that Alaska charm…  I probably can’t adequately describe it. There’s just a certain something that exists in Alaska that makes it like no other place. Of course, besides the obvious. Perhaps I’ll have to write more on that later..

So, I leave you with this: if you ever make it to Alaska in August, I say you should make it to the fair. You won’t be sorry you did.



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