Who Doesn’t Love Free Music??

You guys. Guess what?

I know it’s entirely possible that you’ve forgotten, but we are only SIX days away from the release of Bethany Dillon’s new album, “Stop and Listen.”

And, for obvious reasons, I am really excited. I just read a bio about the release and I just love a new album. New sounds, new lessons, new stories… On the whole, I am the kind of person who really enjoys music I can connect with. A catchy tune is great, but do you think I’m still going to be listening to that song 3 months later if the message doesn’t grab me? Probably not. I strive to write music that is meaningful, and I think B Dill does a great job of that as well.

So, all that said, I’m gonna give her music away!! (In the form of a free iTunes download..) I believe in it, and I want to share it, and I know any number of you might enjoy it as well. Maybe you’ve never listened; maybe you’re a seasoned fan. Either way, I think you will find her music does not disappoint.

I don’t actually know how to do a “blog giveaway,” as I’ve never done one before, so I’m just gonna have to wing it. All you have to do is comment on this blog post by the end of the Alaskan day on Monday Sep 7, and on release day (Sep 8th) I will draw a name out of a “hat” and PRESTO!

Free Music.

6 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Free Music??

  1. Is this the album that has the song that you play at work all the time. The one that I can hear the chorus but nothing else? I would like to vote for me to receive this give away because I earned it by listening to the chorus and only the chorus 100 times. JK. In all actuality, I want it as a memento of you because you love Bethany Dillon so much. :)

  2. Also, I’m way pumped on your category set-up. Mine is way too orderly. Yours is kind of cool. I love that annoyances is a larger category than family. haha.

  3. I love Bethany Dillon. I could listen to her music anytime and I love to drive up to the lake while listening and singing along with it. I hope you’re doing well, Marijke! How can I get a copy of your cd? I would love to hear it.

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