Imagine My Relief

So, this morning I was driving to work and I noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of me: “Keep Austin Weird.”

Okay. That’s not so unusual. Except I am of the opinion that if you live in Alaska, driving a car with full on Alaska license plates, you’re in no position to be advocating for the eccentricity of a city in Texas. And aren’t Alaska and Texas kind of rivals, anyway? Texas has got to be jealous that Alaska is more than twice it’s size… In all reality, we are DAILY making Texas a liar. I mean, I guess maybe the owner of the car is from Austin and so maybe that’s understandable. But as a rule, I kind of just think you should be where you are, you know?

In any case, in my bleary eyed, delusional, morning, barely awake state, what I thought the bumper sticker said was “Keep Autism Weird.”

And man, it kind of seems like there’d be something wrong with that…

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