I’m the kind of person who…

  • says exactly what I’m thinking, sometimes to a fault
  • struggles to have a generous heart
  • promises to have a genuine heart
  • likes to be alone with people
  • is indecisive
  • is addicted to coffee
  • questions everything, even 8th grade algebra
  • loves my family more and more as I grow older
  • is starting to think that true life might begin after 30
  • clings tightly to meaningful relationships
  • longs for companionship
  • thrives within structure and guidelines
  • is embarking on a journey with neither structure nor guidelines
  • aches to be known
  • tries too hard
  • doesn’t try hard enough
  • is unequivocally in love with Jesus Christ
  • is often unfaithful to that love
  • hopes that a contrite heart is enough
  • is still learning how to better reflect the character of God
  • grows more thankful every day
  • looks forward to Oct 9th with the passion of 1,000 suns

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