How Do People Live Without Mountains?

Everything has gone off without a hitch. My brother and I left Alaska early Saturday morning and have been driving, driving, driving… We made it safely to Yellowstone, and we intend to peruse it for most of the day tomorrow.

You know? The days have actually gotten easier as they’ve gone by; it has kind of surprised me actually. We spent 13 hours in the car yesterday, and 9 today, and I’m kind of thinking “eh. It’s not so bad.”

I’m reading a ton. And I really like roadtrips.

I’ve been trying to take some good pictures, documenting the terrain and such. I’ll be sure to post them and write details about the trip when I’ve got some time to sit and and think through it all.

For now, I’m going to sleep off the fettuccine alfredo I had for dinner….   mmmm……

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