So Much To Say

I wanted to write a new song before my cd release concert…

I’ve been meaning to write it, and yet the times I’ve sat with my guitar to put words to music, nothing has materialized – though I probably have not devoted enough time to it. I have plenty of ideas, and in fact one particular idea that I think is totally fitting for where my life is headed. And yet, I haven’t been able to pass “go.”

Honestly? It’s been over a year since I last finished a song. And I’m not worried about it, because songwriting has traditionally been something I’ve done only when inspiration hits. I think that’s going to change in the future, but this last year was a really crazy time. A time I thought I was going to blossom and grow, and instead was weeded, tilled, and fertilized.

I guess blossoming and growing is what will come in the days ahead. The fruit of His labor, so to speak…

Nevertheless, I still have not finished this song. And I really hope I am able to do it in time. I have so much to say – how I never thought that I would be where I am, and I couldn’t have seen how the past would shape my future until it did. How my heart broke at failure and disappointment, and how God’s faithfulness was shown – not in the instance of heartache, but little by little in every day following.

Even now, God is proving his faithfulness to me.

And how should I respond to that? How could I not respond to that? His faithfulness is what gives me courage to move and act. His faithfulness and kindness are what compel me. His faithfulness, shown through a span of years, and not just weeks or months, is what allows me to trust him and excites me for the path that lies ahead.

And doesn’t that sound like plenty to write about?

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