Well, you guys? I’m decompressing.

The last four days felt as long as an entire week.

I’ve been wanting to sit and write about it, but I was frantically packing all my things yesterday and saying goodbye to friends and family. I have never been so scattered before taking a trip, much less moving everything! I forgot my car keys in my niece’s bedroom. NO BIG.

But seriously? Can I just tell you how blessed I was this weekend by my church family? I had the opportunity to play and sing and share my story – and I was really encouraged by the response. It’s great to be a part of a community that supports you and believes in what you’re doing. That’s the kind of response I got this weekend – from friends, worship team partners, and church members. I felt really blessed by it.

And although it was hard for me to leave, I’m excited about where I’m headed.

This week? I’m in California, hanging with the fam.

Next? Colorado.

Keep checking back. There’s definitely more to come in this.

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