It’s a Good Day When Laundry is Your Crisis

I have no clean clothes. I mean, I have some, but most of them are dirty.

Or in Colorado.

I’ve basically been living out of a suitcase for the last 3 weeks, since taking that roadtrip south with a car full of my belongings. Most of my belongings stayed in the car, and are currently parked outside my friend Amie’s house, just waiting for me to return and claim them. How I’m sure my belongings miss me…  So only the few, the proud (the marines) were left for me to live with for a month. And let me tell you, this last week did not have space for me to breathe, much less do laundry.

So I flew to California with a suitcase AND a guitar case packed with dirty clothes.

YES. I packed my guitar case full of clothes. Why? Well, primarily to pad my guitar. It’s a soft case, and I thought that little extra cushion would keep the guitar from banging back and forth inside the case and give it a firmer fit. And secondly, it allowed me extra space in my suitcase for all the crap I have with me.

For instance:

A credit card swiper.


A ceramic coffee mug.

Collected mail from the last few weeks.


Not the kind of stuff I’d typically pack in a suitcase when going on a trip. What we’ve got here is what you’d call a special circumstance, people, and I’m making do just the best I can.

But to my point? I put on my jeans this morning, which incidentally I had just washed because I’d planned to wear them at my concert and then didn’t so I thought they were clean, but they smelled…….. OFF.

So I took them off.

And promptly worked on two loads of laundry today.

Which means that my opening statement is now actually false, as my actions today have thus altered my current clothing state from dirty to mostly clean. (The second load is still in the washer…)

3 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day When Laundry is Your Crisis

  1. YOU my friend, are hilarious! why in the world do you need a credit card swiper? And I liked that you called not having any clean clothes a “crisis” ha.
    Why did you pants smell “off”?

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