Flash Back

A week and a half ago, we had  an MJ and the Groaters reunion.

Who are MJ and the Groaters, you ask? Oh, just me, Paul, and Jon. A nice little name for our trio of musicianship.

This is where it all began…  The three of us rehearsing to play a Jars of Clay song at church, 2 1/2 years ago. Not actually our first performance, but the first documented evidence of our friendship and collaboration.









This is where it brought us…



























































And we celebrated our music together by having breakfast at my favorite restaurant and going for a drive. Thanks for being a part of my music for the last 3 years, you guys. I’m definitely going to miss you….




















3 thoughts on “Flash Back

  1. Cool entry. I like the flash back pictures to the beginning. It’s the people along the way that make the journey great… Who knows who the next Paul and Jon might be?!

  2. Thanks for the blog Marijke! Miss you too! So glad to have been part of your life and music… hope to somehow continue being a part.

    By the way – Paul looks awesome in the second to last picture…

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