On Blogging and the Big City

The thing about being a night time blogger is that, sometimes, blogging at night is just inconvenient. I mean, sometimes I’m very busy until very late. Take Friday, for example, when I watched a movie with my brother and sister in law, and didn’t get home until after midnight. Saturday? We played spades. And sometimes, I’m in Los Angeles all day and can’t get to my computer until after 11, and by then – I’m exhausted, so I just don’t even turn it on.

Perhaps a change to my routine is in order. I’ve got no job, for crying out loud, the least you’d think I could do is carve out 30 minutes a day for a blog….


And speaking of LA, I was there yesterday. And before being there I’d kind of thought that maybe it would be fun to live there.  I saw some beautiful spots in LA, for sure, and there are plenty of people to meet. But even as I was making the hour and a half drive back to San Clemente last night, I felt myself relax just the tiniest bit – the moment I realized I was back in Orange County. Which is not to say anything about Orange County specifically, except that I really don’t think I am a downtown, big city kind of person. So much social  pressure, so many time constraints, so dirty in places, so many expectations… Maybe this is all perceived by me, but I feel the freedom to be myself a little bit more when I am not surrounded by so much. I think this is why I love Alaska. It might not be LA or New York; it certainly doesn’t have the pizzaz and the glitz of a big city. But, in my opinion, it has a culture that gives space and freedom to be who you are. No matter where I live, big city or small, I want that.

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