They’re Playing My Song

You know what’s great about pop music?


Okay, I seriously take that back, because I totally love pop music.

But think about it, pop music is like the antithesis of the river of life. And here’s why… Have you ever heard that old church song, “Deep and Wide?”

Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide…

Well I’ll tell you what pop music is not: Deep OR Wide.

I mean, I don’t know exactly how music would be wide, but still. IT IS NOT.

Though it is some dang catchy music. It’s the annoying kind of catchy where you think if you hear the song you’ll get it out of your head, except then you don’t. You scan the satellite radio stations just hoping you’ll hear it, because, let’s be honest, if you heard it once you will hear it again. And then when you hear it, the catchiness is only reinforced until you reach the point that you find yourself purchasing the stupid song on iTunes for $1.29 even though you know you’re going to be sick of it in a week.

But until that week is over, oh it’s pure bliss, it is.  Let me tell you, driving in the car, nodding your head like ‘yeah,’ never gets old.

At least not yet, anyway.

2 thoughts on “They’re Playing My Song

  1. Deep and Wide ey? That’s what comes to your mind when you reference Miley Circus (I don’t know if I spelled her name right, honestly because I don’t care to).

    Poof she’s done! That’s how long she is going to last…. maybe a week… hopefully less.

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