Back On the Wagon

I’m happy to report that tomorrow, only 2 weeks after leaving Alaska, I am playing my first show. How exciting, right? I am actually doing this. And in the next 9 days I am playing 3 times!!

Do you want to know something? I’m nervous. I always am…

In the morning I’m headed down to Colorado Springs for a couple of days with my good friend Amie, her husband Nick, and their daughter Lorelei. [Okay, how cute and crazy is it that they have a daughter name Lorelei Honor…  Do I have any Gilmore Girls fans in the house?? So funny and awesome. I thought they were joking when they first told me.]

Amie and I were roommates when I lived in Dallas 7 years ago, and she was the best kind of roommate. We haven’t seen each other that often in the last few years, but it has been great to catch up with her. I’m thankful to have so many good friends in my life, new and old (and across the country).

When I finally get to Dallas a week and a half from now, it’s going to be a happy homecoming. I can’t wait to get settled a little bit, get into a routine, and figure out what things are going to look like – for a solid 6 weeks, at least…

And you know, I’m always on the lookout for places to play. I’m planning a trip to MN and surrounding area in the late spring, and a trip out East is in order as well. I’ve got friends in NY, VA, DC, and CT.

Anywhere you are, my friends, that’s where I’ll be. :)

Happy music making.

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