Final Destination

New Month!

It’s like a clean slate. A fresh start. I feel like I need that these days…

I’m headed to my final destination today. Well, at least starting in that direction. I’ll finally arrive in Dallas on Tuesday, and I am so ready for it. While I’ve had a great time with friends and family in the last few weeks, this nomadic lifestyle takes its toll. I think now, especially, I am longing for consistency and a schedule, a solid plan I can execute, a routine, and perhaps a little more time for reflection.

If you were reading with me pre CD release and pre big move, you’ll remember I was stressed and scared for everything ahead of me. I’m happy to report that I have felt more at ease recently, but even 3 weeks out of Anchorage has taught me some things. I have felt a little bit like I’m shooting in the dark – and I don’t want that. I am a calculated, strategic planner. I’m going to feel much more relaxed when my day to day activity reflects some of that.

I’m ready to get settled and find what lies ahead for me. I’m ready for Texas. Do you think it’s ready for me??

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