Book On Tape

It’s a driving day, people. You know what that means? I am rocking, for the first time ever, a book on tape. Or more appropriately named these days, an audio book. I have never successfully listened to one before. But I figure driving 14 hours on my own is a perfect time to start. It’ll be like reading with my ears instead of my eyes. How awesome does that sound?? (no pun intended, teehee…)

Do you want to know which book I picked? It’s ridiculous really, because I’ve never read a book by this author, and I usually think the movies are kind of mushy. But I wanted something with substance (unlike my normal teen fiction reads), I wanted it to last through the many hours of driving, and I didn’t want to listen to something I’ve already read or or seen the movie.

I present to you…  The  Last Song.



I hope it is good and not just sappy, because heaven knows it will be sappy. But perhaps it will still be good. And if I like it, I can see the movie when it comes out. Because I know it will.

I expect a full report by Tuesday.

She says to herself.



Happy Road Trip Monday.


5 thoughts on “Book On Tape

  1. I read a book on tape once… hee hee. It was Grisham’s “Testament.” Good book. I recommend. Not sappy. Interesting. That sort of thing. :)

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