The Eagle Has Landed (And Other Assorted TidBits)

Ya’ll (I can officially start using that more often now), I have arrived in Texas. Here are some things you should know:

  1. It is hotter than I remember. Which kind of doesn’t seem possible because, obviously, who forgets that it’s hot here? But I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be QUITE so balmy in November. I mean, it’s on par with the summer we had this year in Anchorage – at least during the day. Who am I to complain, however? I believe they’re experiencing single digit temperatures back in AK.
  2. No. I did not finish my audio book – which is, I suppose, the disadvantage of buying an audio book you know will last at least your entire trip. I have 9 chapters left, and I’m trying to imagine a scenario in which I would be sitting around my living room, listening to an audio book contentedly (as though it were a completely normal thing to do). I mean, isn’t it like a requirement that audio books be listened to only while driving? When the whole point is that your eyes aren’t free to read? In any case, all I’m saying is that I may or may not be finished with the story before I head back to visit family over Thanksgiving. But I’ll keep you posted on this, you can be sure.
  3. I joined Twitter today. It happened. I was sitting at dinner saying I was thinking about joining, and the next thing I know Christina is downloading the application on my iphone. Though I didn’t protest, I’m not really sure I’m ready for this kind of internet-y commitment. The WWW is such a time taker as it is, and I am marginally opposed to letting the tweets of this world rule my life. But I suppose it will have its rewards. For now, let me just say that I feel like a foreigner in a foreign, unfamiliar, totally un-native land. Because I don’t know how to work the thing.
  4. I live in Texas now.

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