Wish That I Was (In Nashville To Congratulate Her Personally)

I started reading Annie Parsons‘ blog in early 2007 – long before I was a “serious” blogger myself. In fact, I’d actually creeped onto her myspace page through some mutual friends, started reading her posts there, and, well..  you know the rest. She’s the only blogger turned real-life friend I’ve ever met (so far). 

I like to think of her posts as my “bloggy breakfast.” She tells the stories of life, music, and adventure in an easy-going, coffee table, conversational kind of way. And I think that’s what makes her blog so well loved. You read her blog and you feel like you know her. She invites you into her living room (or driveway at the very least), tells you a story, and you’re not the least bit surprised when you leave knowing you’d like to visit again.

She, like me, is a songwriter and musician. And she, like me, has recently released a recording. (Yay!) I’m no country music expert, but I’m pretty sure I know her writing enough to know that these song are going to be interesting and fun, catchy, and easy to listen to. I’ve heard a couple of the tracks already via her blog – and I’m already proud of the triumph I know this is for her. 

I recommend you visit her blog to read all about the release – she’s featuring it throughout the week. You won’t be disappointed…


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