What is it, do you suppose, that gives other people the power to make us feel a certain way? Is it us? Is it them?

And why is it sometimes so hard to walk away (literally or metaphorically) unaffected?

I, for one, am very affected by others. I hate for anyone to ever be displeased with me. But I have found this sometimes makes it difficult to live a life centered on the truth.

And though I want to be free from judging myself by anyone’s standards but God’s, I don’t want to be reckless with another person, either. I must learn to see the difference between displeasing and wrongdoing.

I think it mightn’t always be a clearly defined line.

Do you?

One thought on “Affected

  1. I don’t think that God is judging us by any standard but Jesus… and since Jesus has us covered I think that really takes the pressure off.

    As for displeasing others? I think God lets us know when something is wrong that needs to be made right. Sometimes we need to apologize and sometimes we need to forgive…

    That’s my take. Living harmoniously is tricky biz.

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