A Simultaneous High and Low

Well, folks, I’m happy to report that The Last Song has now officially been read listened to by me. Completely.

Turns out there are lots of miles to drive in Dallas, and some unpacking I needed to do, so between that and the 20 minutes I sat in my car after arriving home one afternoon, the audio book is over.

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m always a little sad when I finish a book. I’m a character person. I like learning the stories of others. [Incidentally, I think this might be what I like most about meeting new people.]

So, the book is over. And for the most part I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t suspenseful. There was no mystery, really. But it drew me in well enough. There is only one regrettable item to this whole affair.

Yesterday, after finishing the book, I researched the movie (due out in January) and realized the main character is going to be played by Miley Cyrus.

And I am so not pleased.

The book-turned-movie has now lost all credibility – turns out it’s being produced by Disney. No surprise there. As a wise old songwriter once said, 

“If that’s what it is, then that’s what it is.  At least until Disney can rewrite it…”



Why’d it have to all end this way, huh??

4 thoughts on “A Simultaneous High and Low

  1. Haha, yeah, that would be a bit of a disappointment. Mandy Moore was in A Walk to Remember. And I was all “did you ever READ the book? She is so not right for the part!!!”

  2. Ha ha! Now I know and I feel so good about that. I think that you should still give the movie a shot. You may be surprised by Miley’s skills as an actress. I hear that she is getting better…

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