Letter To My Investors: A Farce

Dear you, 

Recently I quit my job and became a musician. And though this might seem like a desirable lifestyle, doing whatever you want whenever you want has its drawbacks. For instance, it isn’t always easy to know what you want – and this can bring stress into an already haphazard unpredictable life. Additionally, when wanted things are decided upon, it is a fact that many of these ‘desirables’ cost money.

In light of this, I have devised a plan that is called ‘My Plan,’ and it involves me finding a way to make money from home. The plan goes a little something like this: I ask you if you know of any way for me to make money from home, and then you tell me if you know of any way for me to make money from home.

And then, hopefully, I make money from home.

Your input, dear reader, is wildly appreciated.

Steadfastily on, 

3 thoughts on “Letter To My Investors: A Farce

  1. Ha ha! I love you. I’m selling books on Amazon. So far I have made $286.60 since August. I know it isn’t a lot… but I haven’t really done much.

    Good luck!

  2. Do you have a Master’s degree? maybe you could do some adjunct-ing for some online courses…through University of Phoenix, or Rio Salado…or Christian Universities in Texas…just an idea…. or, you could be a nanny… :)

    I love you.

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