Audio Expansion

For a musician, I have a ridiculously small musical library. I listen to what I listen to; I sometimes purchase a random song or album, but I have not traditionally invested in a collection. I don’t know why.

When I was in elementary school, I remember somebody asking me what radio station I listened to, and I told them, 102.9 Lite FM. At which point a friend of mine came to my rescue, said I was joking (which I wasn’t), and promptly told the inquiring individual that I listened to the local pop station.

What? 5th graders aren’t allowed to like easy listening?

Needless to say, I’ve never really been on the forefront of the music scene (which I’ve always found a little ironic, being I’m a songwriter and all). In any case, I am aware of the fact that expanding my musical tastes might be a valuable investment; I find I’m often inspired when I listen to new and different music I enjoy.

Recently I acquired four new albums. The first, recommended to me by my friend, Sally. The latter three, songs and albums I overheard while hanging out with friends. (By the way, two of the artists were lucky recipients of a spot on a recent “Road Trip Mix – 2009,” given to me by my friend Ruthie.)

The lesson here? Be my friend, and I might just listen to the music you like.

Most of this music isn’t new, it’s just new to me. And while I am just learning what these albums are all about, and might not recommend every song as the very best EVER, thus far I have heard beautiful and wonderful things in all of them.

So without further ado (and linked to the requisite iTunes description) I bring you my current playlist:

I can’t wait until I start sounding really keyboardy, bluesy, edgy, folk rocky. You know… when the influence of these albums fuses to how I write.

And as soon as my bank account can accommodate such growth? My next investment will be country


4 thoughts on “Audio Expansion

  1. Marijke… I could expose you to much country music had my original iPhone not perished in the incident I like to refer to as… “The Incident”.

  2. I love it! Those are some good ones! Nick just bought me Party in the USA. What a sweetie. You and me… really good influences on each other.

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