Reflections On Being In Texas: A List

  1. I used to think that Dallas was so spread out that it just takes forever to get anywhere. Since being back here, I’ve come to the realization that WHERE I LIVE is just really far from everywhere. Shoot…
  2. All I’m saying, is that I have driven next to more semi trailers in the last two weeks than in the last four years combined. And I didn’t miss them.
  3. Remember how I used to use this blog as an outlet for my Alaskan Weather Woes? Don’t think for a minute that just because I no longer live in Alaska I’m not still going to point out that it’s still cold there. It’s still cold. As in negative 10. And I think I moved to Texas at the perfect time of year.
  4. The journey of this year? The changes I’ve been anticipating and experiencing? All of the unknowns? In case you were wondering? None of that has changed…
  5. I love living in a place where everything is so new and yet so familiar. I am in such uncharted territory, and yet I feel so at home. 

One thought on “Reflections On Being In Texas: A List

  1. I’m with you. I HATE driving next to semi trailers. They’re so huge they just do whatever and expect people to get out of the way! They’re a menace!

    And I’m with you on the weather in AK vs. here. It was in the 60s this week. It. Was. Magical.

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