This year I’m spending Thanksgiving with my cousin and her family. It’s been a few years since I was in the relative vicinity (you know, since I lived in Texas the last time…) so it’s great to be back.

Adora and I have been reminiscing days with our grandma and grandpa and remembering childhood.  She’s a few years older than I am, so she has better memories of days and people I didn’t have the privilege of experiencing, or was too small to remember well.

Last night she showed me old video footage taken around 1970 – Christmas at my grandma and grandpa’s farm. I got to see the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even other cousins as children. And my mom? She was approximately 17 in that video. How great is that??

In the spirit of the holiday we attempted my grandma’s famous rolls.

That’s right. We made rolls from scratch.

With real live yeast and everything.

In all reality, we made them for today’s Thanksgiving feast – but as a sneak peak I can tell you we tested them and they taste just like the ones grandma made for us years ago.

I  love celebrating today by remembering my family. I was and am blessed by them. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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