Today, my work station is Starbucks. 

I’m drinking a peppermint white mocha and listening to Imogen Heap.

I look like this:

(I find resting my chin in my hand helps me think more clearly, though I doubt I’m usually this “smiley” while thinking. Something in me thinks that part is staged for this photo. Shhh.)

Irregardless of my natural smiling tendencies, I am happy to be doing what I’m doing today.

*PS, can you believe irregardless is even a word?? I disputed this in high school, mocked it, even. And yet here I am, using it a mere 10 (11? 12?) years later…

2 thoughts on “Glimpse

  1. irregardless=adj., adv. REGARDLESS: a nonstandard or humorous usage

    According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary (4th edition). FYI it has a * beside it, which indicates it’s of American origin. Leave it to us Americans to thoroughly mess with our own language in contortionistic ways.

    contortionistic = not a word

    See. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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