It Snowed This Morning In Texas

Despite my personal mandate to blog at every possible second, I’m finding it difficult to be creative these days.

Was I not supposed to admit that?

I’m attempting to be intentional in regard to reflection and meditation, and would love to spend more than I have in songwriting and refining my skill. But I’ve been filling my time with computers and job searches, phone calls and potential connections. The business and logistics and ideas and “feet to the ground”-ing it of all of this are sucking away my time.

And my vitality, if I were honest with you.

Suffice it to say, it is a practiced discipline to have faith – to do what is possible to do and still focus on the joys and privileges of “now.”  To trust that it won’t do me any good to attempt more than is possible anyway.

I’m not the one who determines what happens with what I do during this time. I think I’m so worried about squandering that I hold too tightly to things I cannot control. And isn’t that so much like life sometimes?

These are the things I’ve been thinking about lately…

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