The Most Exciting News I’ve Heard All Week

You guys! I won a songwriting contest.

It. Happened.

I entered “Changing My Ways” into a contest called “Tune My Life.” (You can listen to the song I entered here.) From their own website, here is some more information about the campaign:

Music Moves. 
If you’ve ever wanted to do good with your music, to move someone with your lyrics, here’s your chance. Through the power of song we want to help young women and men make better choices. Define goals and reach their potential. Live healthier lives. Through this creative effort, we can speak to these young people in a way that should inspire change. That should empower them to take control of their lives and their futures. That should make them recognize that the time to tune their minds, their lives and their relationships is now. 

Tune is a movement about self-adjustment and self-awareness. A shift in how young people take care of themselves today and in the future. Just as an instrument was never meant to be played out of tune, our lives and bodies were never meant to either. The time to Tune starts now. 

They selected 8 winners for their campaign to begin in 2010, and I am one of them!

I will have the opportunity to spend a couple days in Lincoln, Nebraska, record my song with producers and studio musicians there, and be interviewed about the song and the stories in my life that influenced it. And bonus? This spring when the campaign is in full effect I will probably have the opportunity to do some live performances and radio interviews. 

All I’m saying is, WAHOO!!! Thank God! It is so encouraging to have the chance to use my music for good, to have the flexibility to enter contests such as this one, and to experience new and exciting opportunities in the music realm.

This is exactly why I’m here.

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