Lincoln Logs Of Life: Part 1

You’d have thought I would catch on. OBSESSED with blogging about the weather, wishing for snow, thinking I was somehow “special” for living in one of the most unique climates in the nation. You’d have thought that blog complaint equates a less than love.

Turns out it doesn’t.

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the state of Nebraska for the first time in life EVER, and on the way up I entered a pretty crazy snow storm. No skin off my back, right? I’m an ALASKAN. But driving 30 miles on the freeway for 3 hours in basically white out conditions is a stressor to anyone, I would assume.

Oh those are just some semis that slid off the side of the road. And that car in the far left of the last picture? It’s stuck in the snow. How I loved my Element on this road-trip (and every other. Am I right? Right?) Let’s nevermind the fact that I was taking photographs while driving in a snow storm.

Anyhoodle, when the threat of death subsided and I’d finally made it to Lincoln, the 2 feet of snow on the ground was like a warm blanket for my cold feet. And the 7 degree temperatures actually made me HAPPY. So weird, right? One can only conclude that I was made for the great white north. 


The End.

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