Holy Moly, Diana! It’s 2010!

Here’s how my New Year’s Eve went down: I was sick, in bed. And I think I heard from a very reliable source one time (was it The Hills??) that the way you spend your NYE is how you’ll spend the rest of your year. OUCH. 

(But I don’t buy it.)

(And PS, isn’t OUCH a funny looking word??)

In other news, I’d like to do a quick recap/precap.

In 2009 I visited NY, PA, FL, CA, Mexico, TX, CO, OK and NE. I drove through AK, Canada, MT, WY, UT, KS, MO, and IA. 

I wrestled with some of my deepest fears and decided not to let them hold me back. I learned more about myself than I ever knew was in me, and I learned, just a little bit, to let myself be where I am. I’m still growing in that.

I recorded an album and I MOVED.

And I have to say, while I’m so happy with what was accomplished, 2009 was a very challenging year for me. Life didn’t magically become perfect the day I decided to follow my dreams. The many unknowns didn’t fall into place the moment I finally stepped foot on Texas soil. But I never have to look back at 2009 and wonder, “What if?” 

So what do I have planned for 2010? Well, I plan to see where it takes me…

I know that I want to be rooted in a strong community this year. I’m still not sure what is going to happen with this whole “being a musician” thing, cause I’m still learning what it is I really want out of it and how to pursue that. So I guess that’s what the next year is for.

2010 is when I continue to pursue the things that were planted in my heart last year, and (hopefully) the year I get to see the fruit of all that happened in 2009.

Here’s to new beginnings! Oh, how I love them.

1 thought on “Holy Moly, Diana! It’s 2010!

  1. I like it. Also, I started “trivialtweets”… A twitter account that links to my blog. :) I’m doing all of the things I said I never would.

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