Once, I stayed with a family in Liverpool, England during a college band trip. They made the strangest impression on me, and I have a nearly full pictorial memory of my stay with them. I felt something in caring for them that I couldn’t nail down, but I will more than likely never see them again.

Another time, I met a friend and I knew it was going to be an important friendship, though I wasn’t sure why. Thus far, that friendship has actually felt acutely disappointing. Strange, right?

Recently, I had something happen that could not have been a coincidence, insomuch as I don’t actually believe coincidences of this kind exist. I don’t believe they exist because experience in my nearly 30 years has simply taught me that they don’t. Right or wrong, my faith in an all knowing, all powerful God leads me to believe that this event was not a coincidence. And yet I find myself tonight thinking I will likely never know the significance behind the occurrence.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you experience life in a profoundly significant way – even if you’re not quite sure how? Maybe I’m just the type of person who looks for meaning in everything. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

2 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. I think there’s probably a lot of things you know, but still doubt yourself in… I think we all do that. It sounds like you get glimpses into the spiritual realm. I like to think about that.

  2. Yes, I can relate. I have had profoundly significant things happen in the last 5 years, and I still don’t know half of what they were all about. Still, I get the feeling that I WILL learn some things about them later, and some much later when I get to heaven! They are still precious memories and I can’t wait to find out more. :)

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