This Is What I Do

In any given week lately, I’m all over the place. I’m a musician, yes, but I’m also taking advantage of this time in my life to invest in areas of interest to me. I’m working a little to keep my bank account from dwindling, and I’m trying to meet some personal goals. So this is what my week consists of:

  • organizing/filing/helping in the finance department at church (this is the thing I get paid for);
  • writing music (I have a goal to finish 20 songs before 2011. 3 down, 17 to go…);
  • attending corporate prayer, chapel, or discipleship class with church staff or school of leadership students;
  • observing songwriting courses with our school of leadership interns;
  • making recruitment phone calls for the Oaks School of Leadership (are you seeing a pattern? I believe in OSL);
  • making phone calls/sending emails/setting up shows/planning set lists/in other words, what I think it actually means to be a musician besides the music part;
  • playing a gig here or there (this is the other thing I sometimes get paid for);
  • resting – literally and figuratively (my favorite perk right now);
  • wait, can you have figurative rest? I think I meant physically, spiritually, emotionally… you get the idea;
  • cooking/eating healthier/attempting to work out (I mean, there is this to consider);
  • I’m not really sure why I ended every line with a semi-colon, because now I have to add an ill fitting period.

Soon, though, I’m going to be spending an extended period of time in the north. Specifically: MN, MI, IL, and NE. I’m excited to get some long-overdue quality time with my friends back home.

Ummmm… I don’t know why I felt the need to regale you with my day to day monotony. But, you’re welcome.

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