Blog Tour: A Review of “Steering Through Chaos”

I decided to take part in the “Steering Through Chaos” blog tour because it’s written by my pastor at The Oaks Fellowship, Scott Wilson. I will be the first to say that if my pastor writes a book, there’s no way I’m not going to read it. Plus, I already have a blog, and they sent me a copy of the book for free! I’m thinking win-win-win here.

“Steering Through Chaos” is written for pastors, church leaders, staff and the like. Technically, I do not belong to any of those categories. But while I don’t belong to it’s primary target group, I do know a little something about chaos. Almost 6 months ago I quit my job, drove my car 4,000 miles down the Alaskan highway, and moved back to Red Oak, TX in an effort to pursue something I love. Talk about chaos? And Risk? I can relate to that. I want to be a person who pursues big things in life. With that pursuit comes uncertainty, fear, constant change… “Steering Through Chaos” is all over that.

In light of this, I’d like to share a few nuggets I got from the book.

  • “During the struggles of transition, doubts and fears inevitably arise. At those moments, we need to be assured in the depths of our hearts that we haven’t dreamed up this plan on our own but are following God’s clear calling,” (p. 38). 
    – This is perhaps the statement I connected with most in this book. Any kingdom pursuit requires courage, whether it’s church growth, a job change, or simple obedience on a small matter. When courage is needed, the one thing that keeps me moving forward is the knowledge that this was God’s idea, not mine.
  • “Vision isn’t something I determine – it’s something I discover as I walk with God day after day. And it doesn’t come in a neat package all at once,” (p. 52).
    – Umm…  Remember this? This principle goes hand in hand with the one above it, I believe. Following God isn’t a ‘one decision and done’ kind of a deal, it’s a step by step process as he makes his way known.
  • “The spiritual battle you face is very real, and even those who pursue God with all their hearts are vulnerable to distractions, temptations, and accusations,”  (p. 115).
    – This is a lesson I’m revisiting at the moment through another book, “Walking with God,”
    by John Eldredge. I think it’s a good reminder for anyone pursuing a kingdom life: we live in a world at war. The more we remember this, the better equipped we will be when the enemy tries to get in our way.
  • “I’m seldom worried or upset if someone tries and fails. I’m only really concerned if I don’t see any effort or creativity,” (133).
    – As an artist, as a pursuer of dreams, as a risk taker, this last one is incredibly helpful. It is so easy for me to get caught up in my “successes,” or lack thereof. I am reminded by this statement that life is more about the journey than the destination, that following God is more about obedience than the outcome (because he’s in control, isn’t he?), and that
     the attempt is always worth it. We will learn. We will get better. We will know, for next time…

So, I guess that’s my take on it.
“Steering Through Chaos”: Yes, a book for church leaders in particular. But also yes, full of some great life lessons.

Happy reading… :)

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